Near Afandou Beach

In The Middle Of All Attractions

In a walking distance

  • Swimming Pool with a free entrance by Georgia hotel, 3 min.

  • Super Market 2 min. walk

  • Sweet Dreams bakery 5 min.walk

  • Bus stop to Rhodes and Lindos 5 min.walk

  • Afandou village 15 min. walk

  • Hidden Garden Cafe, 2 min walk

  • George greek restaurant, 3 min.walk

  • Old House greek restaurant, 10 min walk

  • Flora greek restaurant, 10 min walk

  • Golfer greek restaurant, 10 min walk

Nearby Beaches

Afandou Beach

  • 5 min. Drive

One of the most famous pebble beach on the island. Crystal clear water, long beach plenty of space, sunbeds service on 3 spots. No loud music, no crowds, no noisy watersports a great destination for those that look for a relaxing spot on the beach.

Traganou Beach

Traganou Beach
  • 5 min. Drive

Right at the edge of Afandou beach Tragounou pebble beach. Awarded with a blue flag for the crystal clear water. Famous for the caves on the side. Very quiet for those that do not like the big crowds. You can rent a beach chair here and enjoy the local food at the taverna.

Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn beach
  • 15 min. Drive

Named after famous American actor Anthony Quinn who was here to film “The Canons of Navarone”. Clear water and amazing scenery with rocks. The beach gets very busy during July and August. beach chair and umbrellas service. Food snacks and drinks by the little beach Canteen.

Ladiko Beach

Ladiko Beach
  • 15 min. Drive

Ladiko beach features a tiny picturesque cove that offers visitors some delightful moments under the warm sun. The seashore has fine clean sand, and some small rocks are scattered around as well as many beach facilities, such as umbrellas, sun beds, fresh water showers, and delicious traditional taverns.

Tsambika Beach

Tsambika beach
  • 18 min. Drive

The most famous sandy beach on the island. Long beach for sand lovers fully serviced with a lot of beach chairs and cantinas. Perfect for families as water is not very deep and somebody can even walk 25 meters inside the water. Enjoy water sports and waterpark games.

Kalithea beach

  • 20 min. Drive

The beach of Kallithea is famous for its hot medicinal springs which were built by the Italians but no longer function. It is found 8 km south of Rhodes town and it is a truly magnificent place with palm and pine trees and beautifully renovated buildings with impressive mosaics (the springs) influenced by the Arabic architecture.

Nearby Activities

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
  • 15 Min Drive

The beauty of Rhodes doesn’t end on the surface. An amazing world of supreme beauty is waiting for you under the sea.Located in Faliraki, 20 minutes drive from our location H20 provides a unique diving experience.

Rent A Boat

  • 15 Min Drive

Visit the most amazing beaches on the east coast. From beautiful rocky Kalithea beach to the untouched Red Sand beach. Take the opportunity to go fishing in the Aegean sea. If you get lucky some dolphins might follow you. Provided by Kolimbia Watersports.


water Sports
  • 15 min. Drive

Enjoy plenty of watersport at Faliraki central beach.Choose among Banana ride, Rings, Crazy sofa, Wakeboard, Jet Ski, Parasailing. At the same location, Faliraki enjoy a full day at the Waterpark, located on the hill, next to Esperos palace hotel.

Old Town

Rhodes Old Town
  • 20 min. Drive

Visit Rhodes and its unique Old town, A medieval city protected by Unesco as a world heritage city. No cars allowed here. Enjoy a walk through the little streets of old town, visit the Grand Masters Palace and archaeological museum. The town is full of restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes


  • 25 min. Drive

Famous for the Acropolis of Lindos, the second most visited place in Greece after Acropolis of Athens. Walk through the pedestrian streets of the village, and have a break on the beach during busy hours (09:00 to 13:00) as more visitors are here during this time. Enjoy the amazing view at the top of the Acropolis

7 Springs

  • 15 min. Drive

A cool place to visit after a hot day under the sun, Get around the little park, full of trees. ducks and peacocks. Have a coffee or even lunch at the taverna, under the trees. For the more adventurous, get inside the dark 100 m. tunnel leading to a small pond.